Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So a guy's going to need to plan a few parties in his life...
why not dig out some old party books from the 50's- 60's... back when they knew how to throw a party that didn't involved red plastic cups.

the two books I'm showing today are my Esquire Party Book from the early 60's and an awesome cocktail book called Bottoms Up also from that time period.

Both are really fun reads and you'll pick up a few drink and party ideas easily.

Plus the Bottoms up has very nice Pin up art work through out it.

So find some old party / cocktail books and throw a real vintage party sometime.

They'll give you everything you'll need to know. Cause a cocktail party or just a party is a vintage guy thing..... and girl cause otherwise it's just guys....

Monday, August 2, 2010


Today it's my pair of US issue Army Green Jungle boots.
If you've seen any Vietnam war movie or knew a vet or two... then you know these boots.

heavy canvas and nylon tops with leather bottoms.

A very handsome and very comfortable pair of boots. Feels almost like sneakers.

These are actually later issue's from the 80's but the design is the same since the 60's... with the exception of the Panama sole and steel spike plate.

Little drains to let the swamp water out... and cool the feet.
A good pair of combat boots are a must in any guys closet. Use them to hike, hunt, cruise or just mow the lawn. There a ton of different version of them so find a pair you like cause they're Vintage gear for guys!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today I'll show my Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 2400.
This beast of a stereo I picked up at a thrift store many years ago. If you remember I also highlighted it's awesome record player last year.

This super heavy chuck of brushed stainless and rose wood is a marvel of Danish electronics.
It only plays FM but can hook up tape, phono and aux. Five preset channels, plus many other features to address the sounds as you like.

The top opens up to hide all the features then as you tilt it down it slowly closes on it own. It's very cool. Plus, the buttons are all touch control on the front. Just put your finger over it and it adjusts for you...

This is the classic stereo that a football always hits in coming of age movies in the 80's and the kids have to get the money to replace it...

If you never heard of Bang and Olufsen you should have. They're about the top or were the top in stereos in their day. This one probably cost four figures when it was new.

Having good sound is vital to a Vintage gear guy. Of course if you have an old needle phonograph with the horn, then I'd prefer to have bad sound, but for a daily stereo, this 80's workhorse is about the best you can do... It's vintage gear for guys.