Saturday, December 18, 2010


Well a few nights ago, I took the Bronco out to pick up my new to me Walking Foot Sewing Machine.
It's a Vintage Singer 111w155 I think it's a 155... the tag was missing.
It was at one time painted silver... and it's peeling.  I'd like to remove it and get it back to black.
I just oiled it all up this morning and cleaned out the gunk.
Timing belt was toast, so I ordered a new one... Should get it next week... and then I can try it out.
This thing is the mother of all medium to heavy duty walking foot sewing machines.  In fact, it's the most copied sewing machine design (or so I read)
The motor which runs.. but not tried out yet.  I can't wait to sew some heavy duty leather, canvas and denim.  My other machine the 110w125 just doesn't cut it for me.  So I'll probably sell her and keep this one, if it works...  Heavy duty vintage sewing is a very cool.  I'll do a follow up post once I get it going...

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  1. I just got a machine like yours. I am trying to wire it up to the switch. Do you know how to do this. Can you take a picture of the switch wired? thanks, Charlie Cat=

  2. My e mail is Couldn't get my computer to work so had to use anon. Sorry
    Trying to wire my motor for this unit. Tks.

  3. do you mean the switch on the table? The actual machine doesn't have any wires attached to it...

  4. walking foot feeds material back to me , also thread keeps breaking


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