Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today it's a very old compass.
This one belonged to my grandfather.  I believed he carried it during WWII.
Solid brass.  Made in France.
It has a cool feature of a small little bar that you can push that locks the compass.  I think this is for traveling so the needle doesn't move around.
It's seen many, many miles of use.
It's a cool little compass that looks like it can take a beating, and continue to help you find your way.
I have a terrible built in sense of direction, so I think I'll be keeping this close to me.
If your "cell phone" doesn't have GPS, then maybe you could use one of these.  They never run out of batteries and look damn cooler than a cell phone....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.


  1. Hello my name is Carl and I am curious as to how much this item is worth as I have the exact same item. Could you contact me at 1-780-249-4047 or email me at It would be greatly appreciated.
    Vintage Brass Compass Made in France PreWWII

  2. Hello my name is Ron,, and I was wondering how much this item is worth,, as I also have one..
    pelase e-mail me at ,,,

  3. I just happen to have two of these compasses in my posession.first one is 1.5"in diameter and 1/2 " thick,the second one is 1 3/4" diameter and 5/8 thick,both made in France smaller one has the number 38 stamped into the lid near the hinge. I too would be very interested in knowing the value of these compasses as both of my grandparents fought in the 2nd world war,1 in the US army and the other in the Canadian highlanders.I can only be reached by e-mail at

  4. does anyone know what this is worth. I have one aswell and would like to know.

  5. I was told between 100-150$


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