Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today it's a cool item I picked up this week.
It's a stainless steel 1961 General Soda-Acid Fire Extinguisher and looks to be all complete.
It's a really cool item that makes a statement in any room
Dated 1961 although I'm sure it was used up through the 70's
Here's a close up of the nozzle. 
You open it up and inside is a suspended glass ball with a lead topper.
Inside the glass you'd put sulfuric Acid and the lead topper would open once you tipped it upside down.
Filled with a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate.  Once they mixed Co2 would be produced and out shot the water through the hose.
Model SS-15b...   I have know idea about the model numbers.
It's just a cool piece that looks great to my eye.  It's vintage (early 60's) and has a real "Working Man" feel to me.  It's vintage gear for guys!


  1. That is really an awesome fire extinguisher, I would love to have that hanging in my "Man Cave"/basement. Where did you pick it up?
    I saw one at an antique shop for $150 , but I did not look at it too close, but it was allot like yours, I'm gonna go back & pick it up if it's still there.

    1. I have one that is in as good of condition with a 1958 date on it that I will let go for $75 plus shippiing cost. I can e-mail photos.

    2. One 1961general 4 sale

  2. thanks, I had to pick it up when I saw it too. I found it a thrift shop. It would look awesome on a man cave. $150 seems pricey, but again, I found mine at a thrift. And I've never seen another one so maybe that's the going price. Good Luck!

  3. I have one exactly alike. Looks good and works of course, thought about selling it don't know.


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