Friday, December 3, 2010


Well you've probably guessed if you read my blog, that I like Ray Ban's.
Today's pair is a from the early 1990's.  Ray Ban's Olympian II DLX.
The most famous Olympian's would be the gold pair that Peter Fonda wore in  Easy Rider.   I had a chance to buy a pair just like his, but they went for way too much money.
I like the fit of these a lot.  Straight temples like a pair of flight glasses.  They're pretty heavy and all metal, which I like.  Even made in the USA too!
They definitely have a vintage vibe to them.  
Ray Ban's to me are a lot like Levi's.  The older ones are the best, and they just go with everything.  Find a few pairs for you collection... I know I have!

Here's a pic of Peter in his pair from 1969.   Pick up you're own pair through Amazon...

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