Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today it's my two French Press Coffee Makers
One is a single cup for those times when you just need one an the other does about 2-3 cups
This type of coffee making, makes a very good cup of coffee.  Just add grounds, super hot water (not boiling) let sit a minute, add the plunger and push... then pour...
Easy to clean too.  I've even used the same grounds if I wanted more, without much loss of taste.
If you like coffee, and you've never tried a french press (Plunger) style coffee maker... pick one up.  The design goes back to the turn of the (last) century and still works great for that Vintage Gear Guy...

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  1. They generally only get new toys at Christmas and on their birthdays, so it would be odd if they weren't happy about the excuse for cappuccino maker


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