Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today it's a set of replacement cuffs I picked up.
I have an old horsehide jacket that needed new cuffs, but I might save these for my A2 when it needs them.
It's cool it still has it's tag stapled on.  If you notice the "WPL No." at the bottom... That stands for the Wool Products Labeling Act.  and was issued from 1941 - 1959.  I'd guess this pair is from the early 50's.
They're not the "correct" two ply cuffs for an A2, but they are vintage and they are nice looking and not polyester!
If you're rummaging through bins and do find a pair of replacement cuffs, zippers and the like, and you think they might work on a piece you have... pick them up!  It's all vintage gear for guys!

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