Monday, November 8, 2010


Here is another pair of Horsehide Wolverine Work gloves I picked up.
I was going to keep this pair for myself but thought I'd just use them and ruin a lovely piece of history.
These are Gauntlet Gloves used for Heavy work (like with metal) or motorcycle riding... anything that would protect your hands and keep stuff from getting up your sleeves.
Lovely pair.  Still with the original tag from Wolverine.   It would awesome to think these are from 1915.... but I'm sure they're not.  Probably the late 30's or 40's though.
The Blue is not denim, but a heavy canvas dyed indigo.
They do match, only one is more sun faded than the other.
It'd be cool if they still made gloves like these again.   They're really a Vintage Guy thing... Horsehide leather, work gloves... Just looking at them makes me want to build something... big and made of metal!

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  1. Are these gloves still available? Please email me. thanks-


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