Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today it's my new 1930's - 1940's wood file cabinet.
Sold by Crimes-Stassforth Stationary Co. in Los Angeles.  Most likely made by Globe Wernicke because of the card holder.

This is another piece of furniture I've been looking for quite a while for.
All wood cabinet with wonderful Tiger Stripe oak wood.
Right now I have some of my paperbacks in each drawer.  They even have a wood middle section for your files.
the only bad thing is I'm missing 3 handles.  They look like this if you happen to find any... and they have to have a 5" center screw holes... and I've not found anyone making those yet.
These are little holders that swing up and hide the metal rod that holds the middle section.  I'm not sure why they swing up.....
Looking up at it.  It's so nice.
E-4L29 is the model number.  It probably tells you the grade of wood, the amount of drawers and the finish.  If anyone has more info please comment on here!
Maybe it's the Sam Spade in me but there's something about a vintage wood file cabinet...

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