Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I realized I didn't do a really good job showing my Californian Horsehide Half-belt Jacket from when I first started this blog.  
In fact, the two pics I showed were right after I put Pecards on it.
So now it's been a year or so and this is the jacket today.
Classic Half-Belt design.  Slant hand warmers with a straight zip cigarette pocket.
Blackened Talon Zip.
really nice double button cuffs... ie:  you can button them so the cuff faces left or reverse them so the cuff  faces right... I've not seen this very often on jackets.
The grain in this jacket is just plain amazing.
the side waist adjusters
Under the arms, with three vent holes...
Inside pocket tag.  Size 44.  But it's a big 44.  And I have long arms, but this jacket has really long arms.
Just a cool shot of the cigarette pocket.
Fit pics....  
I would love to find this jacket in a 42 as I think I would like the fit better than the 44.  
Finding THE perfect leather jacket is a daunting task.  It least I've found the perfect jacket, just not the perfect size.   Leather jackets are Vintage Gear for Guys!


  1. These jackets are an extremely beautiful. All of them looks very thick and sharp. Amazing colors and shapes.

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