Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today it's something that I enjoy growing... My Bamboo.
I've got about 6 different species that are growing around my property.  The one above is called Bambusa  chungii.  It's a Blue Bamboo, but actually it's not blue, but has a blue fungus on it that looks blue.
Here's the leaves of it.
And a wide of my new shoots.  I got 3 this year.  I should get twice that next, and twice that the next.
Looking up.
My new shoot.
Here's a wide of Bambusa Chungii
This one is my Bambusa Textilis Gracilis.  I had  about 11 new shoots this year.
Here they are.   Soon I won't even see the neighbor.
This one is cool.  It's Bambusa Lako.  A giant Black Timber Bamboo.
As the stalks get older they turn black like the one above.
Here's a wide of it.  It was just two puny stalks when I got it.   I've had 3 new shoots so far this year.  The first two are at least 20 feet tall..  I really love bamboo.  It's such a peaceful plant.  Sounds great in the wind and has a real Vintage Vibe from it.

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