Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So a few days ago, I showed a pack of 1952 Renew-A-Pocket from Irontex.
I also have 2 pairs of 1947 LVC's, both with blown out right pockets.
the hole in one pair... just the right size for coins to fall down my leg....
The bigger blow out and repair, that needs repaired again...
so turn your pockets inside out...
Add Renew-A-Pocket over the bad pocket and pin it so it doesn't move.
Iron both sides (it's only on there for a count of 7, so I couldn't take a pic or it might burn... it did discolor from the glue.
Turn your pocket inside out and cut off the old pocket about 1/2 to the new glue line.
and "wahla!" you have a "new" pocket.  I'll be giving these a test run this week to see how the hold up.  so far I pushed down on them and they seem to be holding...    It's a good fix for a common problem...  I don't try to repeat stuff on here, but thought you guys might like to see how they worked.  I bought a few more pairs on ebay for when my other pockets blow out.

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