Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today it's a really cool item I found....
I'm pretty sure they're from the 70's.  They're Everlast Boxing boots.
Seems like something Apollo Creed would wear in the ring.  Red, White and Blue!
They're just so cool looking.  I don't think I could wear them or would want to wear them as they really look hardly used.
Those laces I'm sure were bright red at when they were new.  
They're a mix of leather and vinyl.  
Classic shoe construction of the 70's.
And a big size too... 11
I've been trying to find some info on them, but haven't yet.
Those soles look unworn.
These are just a cool pair of boots.  I'll probably sell them or display them.  But not wear them.  If you're a boxing fan, having something like this is a cool item to own.  It's Vintage gear or guys!


  1. those are amazing!!
    im a boxer and used to have a pair back in the 80's ive been looking to buy an old vintage pair from back in the day
    how much would u want for them?

    email me at


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