Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had a question about the red chair next to the bar so I thought I'd show them today.
There were two matching chairs my wife found at a thrift.  She picked them both up for under $30.00
They were originally a very ugly blueish-raised-cloth that looked very, very dated and very worn out.
She found this vintage cloth on ebay and it was just enough to re-upholster both chairs.
I think they turned out very well.  They even had springs in the cushion if that helps date them.  I'm pretty sure they're post war.
We kept the legs original.  I think they both go well together.
so if you find a pair of chairs at your local thrift that are ugly, but very, very comfortable... pick them up cheap... and reupholster them!  Vintage guys need to sit too.

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