Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I just found this yesterday...
This is a mid to late 1930's Toastmaster Waffle Maker.
Model 2D1.   
The art deco styling of this is so amazing.
I've read up on this model, and apparently it was the top of the line at the time at the time, and what I've read is they cost so much to make, they stopped because they lost money on this model.
I haven't cleaned it up at all yet, as I just got it...
I need to figure out the set ups of Low, Bake, and Hot... 
Check out that original plug... Why don't they put that type of detail on a plug anymore...
the tag.
Here it is plugged in and lit up.  It has this huge red jewel of a light...  I can't wait till this weekend and I'm making some waffles!   I wouldn't imagine you'll find one of these at your local thrift, but you never know.  You will find old appliances and they're just cooler in my eyes than the new plastic made in china stuff....


  1. Is the waffle iron for sale?

  2. I hadn't really though it was, but I guess everything is if the price is right

  3. Hello, did you decide to keep the waffle iron or did you sell it? I'd be very interested in buying it if you'd like to sell--used to have one just like it.

  4. My wife and I have the same model (it was her grandmother's), and it still works well!

  5. Just ate some waffles from one of those, they were great. Some 80 years old and still cooking!

    1. just got mine working again It makes the BEST !! ☺.

  6. Mine died this morning. Do you know where to get a 2D1 fixed? My mother had it in the 50s from her parents and
    I've had it since the 60s. This morning it was sad when I realized it was only heating on the bottom. Ideas?

  7. check your wiring on the top heating unit... The wires might have come loose...

  8. hey can anyone tell me how to use this waffle iron?
    its confusing with the low bake and hot modes.

  9. super easy... just set your dial to bake like mine... plug it in... once the light goes out pour your batter in it. About 1/3 cup or so.... close lid... wait till light goes out. Open it up and with a fork pull out your waffle.... repeat.

    if waffles are too cooked turn the dial to low, too soft turn it to hot.

  10. I would love it if you could maybe type up a quick step by step how to guide with maybe a recipe that you find works best.
    Please i would greatly appreciate it!
    my email: Mocan50@comcast.net
    thanks again neighbor!

  11. Good Housekeeping has an excellent recipe for waffles.


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