Friday, October 15, 2010


Today it's a cool little item I found at a thrift that other day.
It's Renew-A-Pocket... a really cool idea.
I know both of my 47's Levi's have blown out pocket bags and this is a perfect fix.
I haven't use this yet, and I'm not sure the glue will still work, but you just iron on this bottom part to your pocket and it's fixed!
I love that's they're period to my jeans too.
They come with two pockets.
They're actually pretty heavy canvas pocket bags.
I see you can find them on ebay for under $5.00 so that's not too bad.
Only .29 cents when they were new!
I wish they still made things like this, but today we just throw away our jeans or pants if they get a hole....  Having mended clothing is a vintage guy thing!  I like a shirt with a mend or two... makes me feel like I'm not a throw-away consumer, I'm a guy who recycles!

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  1. Let everybody know how they work out. I might try to pick up a set of those on eBay if they are effective. I made the mistake of using vintage flour sack material on my last pair of jeans, and it is not lasting very well at all...


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