Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today it's my "new" pair of jeans... Bartack..
I got these raw at a movie studio clothing place.  Apparently they were used in a TV show.
I've had them for a few years just sitting... then my current Levis are slowly getting too big for me as I've lost a couple of inches around the waist.
So I broke down and gave this pair a soak...  Still a little loose, but they should shrink up nicely.
They're very similar to a 1950's-1960's Levis.  I was told this is from their 1966 model line.
This is when the Japanese Denim companies could make "knock-off" Levis with "Levi" looking arch and red pocket tab.
The denim is really top notch.  Lovely indigo with lots of "denim hair"
The paper tag.
Off set back belt loop.
And the tag inside the back left pocket.   I assume these are from 1997.

Selvedge Denim is a must in my book for a vintage gear guy... pick some up and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them...

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  1. hye.. do you have any latest pictures of these denim?


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