Monday, October 4, 2010


Today is my 1950's Bancroft Military Cap.
Even though this is a Bancroft Military Cap, it probably is just a service cap.
It's a very sharp looking cap and I thought I could pull it off, but the wife say no.
I could also see this working well for the 1950's "Wild Bunch" look.
They started making caps in 1901 so I'd assume its from 1951-1961...
I was lucky to find a large size too, as mostly they're smaller for some reason.
A shot of the liner
This one comes with a "Perspiration Shield" to keep the cap up high and looking like it's new.
It actually just makes the hat really stiff and not that comfortable.
Some more shots of inside.
This type of hat isn't for everyone as I found out, but it sure is cool looking cap.   So if you're up for one, get one...

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