Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today it's my Khaki Pants from WWII or just before.

I picked these up as a set at a thrift a few years ago. The shirt I put on PoohBang earlier. (do a search for WWII Hawaii) It's a great shirt by the way...

Fit pic. High waisted with a nice full cuff and front break.

These were from a Capt. Konop, stationed in Hawaii, I believe before the war started judging by the patch on the shirt.

A shot from the back. Very comfortable. When I got these they had been let out in the back and you could really see the poor job they did. Plus the older fabric stood out so I re-sewed them back to the way they were issued. They look a lot better now.
Back Pocket with dart. Very nice details on this pair.

Watch pocket.. as it should be.

And a nice shot of the button fly. Notice the top button is probably a replacement and also notice the off centered top button hole.

Khakis are a must in any guys closet, whether you're a Vintage guy or not. Now the Vintage Gear Guy will have the Vintage Khakis.. but these are VERY hard to find today, especially in this size. Good luck if you find a pair and if you do... pick them up!

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