Tuesday, September 7, 2010


If you remember before I posted a Charlie Brown Pocket Doll, well now I found Linus.
These are from the mid 60's and look like the 50's Peanuts Gang.

Finding Linus with his blanket is not easy. I don't know why it's red, as the comic strip it's blue.

So now I've got both Charlie Brown and Linus. Yeah, I know they're dolls. I'd also like a Buddy Lee Doll too, but those are way to much for my wallet.

I keep them both in my double Barrister Bookcase, along with way too much stuff...

I didn't even know they made these until a few years ago. I bought the complete Peanuts collection from 1950-1956... in book form. Well worth it if you like The Peanuts.

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