Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today it's my Vintage Levi Clothing LVC 1955 Jeans.
These were a special run from Levi's in which an extra 3 inches were added to the length.

These are probably my favorite looking pair I own. The denim on these is quite spectacular.

They're been washed maybe 2 times or so.

Notice the tag.. the 501550116 refers to the extra length.

Starting to get some nice combs too.

More close up of the combs.

whiskers are shaping up nicely. I put a lighter in the watch pocket to get that effect.
Here you can see the hidden rivets on the back pocket and the extra stitching across the top button. Classic '55 details.

Here's a shot of the denim... Just fantastic.

And of course the big E.... As you've probably seen on my blog, I love the vintage Levi's. The 55's are probably my favorites, with the 33's right behind them. My 47's are always great and my 37's need more love...
If you don't have true selvedge denim, get at least one pair... Buy them Raw, and wear them till you can't stand it anymore... You'll thank me later. Levi's are Vintage Gear for Guys.


  1. Nice collection of denim jeans.These all are fabulous.
    Mavi jeans

  2. Obviously you're joking about the tag and the extra length. Both were errors.


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