Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today it's my Aero Leather D-1 jacket.
I actually sold this jacket last year, but thought you guys might still like to see it.

Made for me by Aero Leather Clothing in Scotland. I bought it when I still lived where it was snowy and cold. But I moved to LA and wore it once I think in 5 years... so I felt bad just owning this great jacket and not being able to wear it.

It's really warm and perfect for cold weather. Not too bulky, actually pretty light weight. This jacket was used in WWII as a Mechanic's Jacket. The guys who didn't actually fly but fixed and maintained the planes would have been issued this one.

A close up of the zipper and reinforced area's of heavy wear.

And finally the Tag... If you live in cold weather, I'd recommend an D-1, or B-3 or a B-6. Nothing keeps you warmer than shearling! It's a simple jacket, but yet, stylish in a way. It's gear for vintage guys!

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