Monday, August 2, 2010


Today it's my pair of US issue Army Green Jungle boots.
If you've seen any Vietnam war movie or knew a vet or two... then you know these boots.

heavy canvas and nylon tops with leather bottoms.

A very handsome and very comfortable pair of boots. Feels almost like sneakers.

These are actually later issue's from the 80's but the design is the same since the 60's... with the exception of the Panama sole and steel spike plate.

Little drains to let the swamp water out... and cool the feet.
A good pair of combat boots are a must in any guys closet. Use them to hike, hunt, cruise or just mow the lawn. There a ton of different version of them so find a pair you like cause they're Vintage gear for guys!

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  1. Great boots, very durable. I was issued a pair in Desert Storm and they served me for years afterwards.


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