Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today it's some of my Bandannas.
I've carried a bandanna since I was a kid. I used it for just about everything.

Bandanna's are a really cool item to own as you can use it to wipe you nose, dry your hands, clean up a spill, block the sun, cool yourself down and anything else you can think of.

Pretty much everyone in the west carried a bandanna, even business men carried a handkerchief and pocket square, which are more "refined" versions of the bandanna.

Each one is different. Chose lots of colors to fit your mood.

here's a recent "western" theme one I picked up by wrangler.. under license from Blue Bell.... not sure if it's old or not.

Here's one I've had for at least 20 years. It's practically see through.... and well loved.

If you don't have one... get one.. if you have a few, get some more. They're super cheap and super useful. Just make sure you get the Made in USA 100% cotton ones. They're the best....
It's vintage gear for guys!

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