Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today, I finally got around to seeing if my woodpile was ready to split...
and it's almost. We had an old Silver Maple taken down last year and I kept some of the wood. I needed an axe to cut it down to size, and if you've figured out by now, I like older vintage things. So I found this old Collins number 3 Axe Head.

It didn't have a handle but was in good shape. No rust and still light fragments of blue paint.

I just had to oil down the metal, and spend about an hour or so with some files and wetting stones.
Bought a new hickory handle at my local hardware store and then get to work...

I researched a little bit and Collins kept coming up as a really good axe from when they use to make axes here in the US. Now most are made in India and China. An Axe might not be for every guy, but it's for sure vintage Gear for Guys...

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