Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today it's my new Chromatic Hohner Harmonica!
I've been playing the Harmonica since I was a boy. But never a "good" harmonica like this one.
These were just too expensive. They run about $140 but I bought mine used at a flea market for $10! I'm not sure of the age of it, but it's probably from the 80's.

The tone is so much better to play then a standard blues harp... or not better, but much easier to achieve.

I actually took this one apart to clean it and noticed the spring for the slide was off... a simple re-attach the spring and it's as good as new!

If you're into harmonicas, I'd highly suggest picking up a chromatic version. It's not so much for blues, but for jazz or classical styles... they can't be beat.

Harmonica's have been in the pockets of overalls to tuxedos... they're vintage gear for guys!

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