Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today starts the "Fund Pooh Bang's Vintage Motorcycle Fund" Posting stuff I have that I'm going to sell to buy a vintage motorcycle.

So today I'm showing a cool item I just picked up. It's a salesman sample of the famous Wolverine Horsehide Gloves.
This pair is a workman's style "gauntlet" version or motorcycle version. Maybe you're a wielder or a man who needs protection on the wrists as well as the hands... then this is the pair for you.

Select Cordovan Horse hide.... Try to find a pair of Cordovan HH gloves today! These don't say Wolverine, but they were with a salesman supply and I have another pair that does have it stamped on the leather...

Never worn but has a few area's of water or oil that found it's way over the years.

Size 9 which is a medium or large... not sure.

Not cheap according to the tag, but that might have been for a box of them too back in the day.

So again, I'm going to be selling these to fund my vintage motorcycle. Make me an offer. I haven't researched what these go for, but you might see them on other sites for sale also.

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