Friday, December 11, 2009


One thing I've had trouble with is finding vintage shirts that fit me... so I bucked up and bought a vintage shirt pattern and made one myself.
It's got many flaws, but it's my first shirt I've ever made and it actually turned out better than I thought. I learned a lot making it and plan on making a work shirt this weekend. I don't like the collar as much as I thought I would so I won't make this shirt again.

The fabric I picked up at a thrift store so it's vintage, the thread was vintage, and the buttons are some I found... yes, also vintage... Sewn on my White Rotary machine from the late 1920's...

Here's the pattern I used. I had to lengthen the arms about 2 inches and the fit is spot on... So if you can't find what you're looking for... maybe try making it to be that vintage gear guy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


today since it's cold it's my B-2 cap.
This one is from Eastman Leather from England.

I think they're the only one's who make a repro WWII B2 Cap actually.

It's really nice. It's warm, but fits like a ball cap. I really like it and you can wear it when it's not too cold too as the shearling doesn't make it too hot.

They have them on sale every once in a while. That's when I got mine.

It's a nice cap for cold day! If it was good enough for millions of air men, it's good enough for the vintage gear guy!

Monday, December 7, 2009


so today I'm showing my daily coffee mug.
It's actually a new mug but looks vintage.

I wanted a real heavy, thick "Diner" mug of the 30's.

This is the closest I've found without finding an original.

Sold by Community Coffee, which by the way is actually in the cup.

And yes, it does taste as good as it looks.. If you've never tried Chicory and Coffee then pick up some Community or French Market coffee... both delicious!