Saturday, October 24, 2009


So every guy needs to relax when he gets home...
And what's better on your feet then a nice pair of slippers.

These are from LL Bean. I wanted an pair that would last, without any non-natural things on them.

Double leather sole, real shear ling lining too!

Slippers are one those things that a lot of guys forgot they can own. They're great for relaxing the dogs when you get home or on a weekend....

Friday, October 23, 2009


I must be on a crazy spending spree... as I just got his new Lee Jacket tonight.
It's a classic Lee 101J in a very hard to find size of 44 long!

I just couldn't pass it up only $9.99!

I'm usually a Levi's guy, but thought I'd give Lee a chance.

I do love their labels... Lee just makes a great label...

only sewn button and not metal ones like Levi's but I can live with that... As I've said before... get yourself a vintage jean jacket!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I showed one camera I own, here's another.
It's an excellent example of a DeJur 8mm Magazine Movie Camera.

I have two lenses, original leather case, and manual!

runs perfect. Just wind it up and go!

They just don't make stuff like this anymore... Leather, chrome, metal... no batteries!

It's truly a beautiful piece of metal... Plus, it makes movies! Can't go wrong with that!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1959 50 CAL AMMO BOX

Every guy has stuff... and you want a place to put all that stuff...
How about a vintage Ammo can?

This one is from 9-17-59.

The newer ones are totally different in design of this one.... They still stamp US into the metal and 50 Cal Ammo down the sides... ah, the good old days...

I don't know if all of them had a hole drilled into them when they were done with them or not...

Ammo Cans are cool storage... better than a blue plastic bucket in terms of looks anyway.. They're cheap and fairly easy to find. Heck we go through a lot of ammo so there's lots of them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday I got a "new" pair of boots in the mail.. (NOW FOR SALE)
This is a pair of "vintage" Alaska Boot Company Boots.

I don't know anything about the actual company, but they're a really well made pair of boots. If anybody knows ANYTHING about these boots please email me!

My first pair of black boots.

Nicely broken in. Fit's almost perfect.. even the previous owners "foot print" is almost my own.

Here's with a pair of jeans.

The view from the top.

A wider view... the jeans are LVC 33's.

Blurry front shot.

The stacked heel... Boots are a guy thing, always have been and hopefully always will be...

NOW FOR SALE: EMAIL ME... $100.00 shipped in the USA!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Today since it's cooling up again, I'll show my Aero B-10.
I bought this about 8 years ago I guess when Aero Leather Clothing was first making these. I believe this one was one of their prototypes if I remember.

It's a cotton shell with the mutton collar and alpaca lining. This is one of the warmest jackets I own. It's amazingly warm for such a light weight jacket.

Cheap "Talon" zipper, but it does the job.

Complete with "Experimental tag..."

I'd recommend one if you like the style and it gets cold where you live. A B-10 is a heck of a jacket that can take abuse, and still keep you looking vintage!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So yesterday I picked up this little barrister bookcase..
It's seen better days, but I think I'll leave it as is for now.

It's missing it's base and glass on the bottom. It' comes in four pieces, each shelf and it's top.

Some one stored a plant on the top too at some time... I'm going to use it to store more of my paperbacks... The metal binding around it is to hold it together but also to bind it to other bookcases so in the end it's a huge wall to wall bookcase....

Cool retro poster someone put on the back too.

The manufacturer, although it's probably Globe and Macey sold it. Having some cool vintage furniture and not just Ikea, make your place more homey and lived in. Every vintage guy needs some vintage furniture in their places... either small or big, but vintage