Saturday, October 3, 2009


So today I'm showing my other 1940's desk lamp. This one is complete with an ashtray.
I like this one because it is more ornate than my other, and of course has a built in ashtray.

I've seen a few of these and this one is typical of the era. Darker green, metal goose neck.

And of course when you're working late on something at your desk... you have a place to put your cigarette...

Do they even go to this extent on an lamp anymore? Think of all that work that went into designing this thing!

That's a "B". These lamps are really nice and a great addition to your Vintage Guy Gear.

Friday, October 2, 2009


So today, I just got a pair of sunglasses I've been wanting for a while. Now these are not the exact ones I'm looking for, but will do as in between ones.
These are the military classic American Optical.

The classic Jet Age Pilot sunglasses.

I'll give them a whirl today and see how they do.

Finding originals is slightly difficult but not impossible. As a kid, all the Army Surplus places only had these, now they're tough to find. The company still makes them, but I want the vintage ones.

A great pair of sunglasses are a must for the Vintage Gear Guy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Since it's cooling off a bit, I thought I'd show my favorite Flannel Shirt.
This is a vintage Sportsman from Cal-Made. This is truly a fantastic vintage shirt.

Awesome shadow plaid, loop collar, flap pockets...

It has everything that I look for in a vintage flannel.

I can't wait for it to get cooler so I can wear it again...

Flannel shirts go hand in hand with being a vintage gear guy... pick up a couple for fall!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well if you're a follower of my blog then yesterday you saw my vintage ad for the Inside Detective 1938 edition...
Here is my actual copy of the magazine! I wish it were a better copy but it was tough enough to just find this one!

If you have something like the ad, why not try to find the real thing? It's fun and rewarding to do it.

Owning both the ad and the copy is something I really like. If you're a vintage guy then find that "copy" of your favorite thing...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


At an auction about 20 years ago I bought this box of "stuff". Inside I found this in all the "stuff."
It's a store ad for the latest edition of Inside Detective for 1938.

I finally framed it last year and frankly I love it. It's classic noir pin up, much like the covers of my paperbacks....

Here's some close ups.

Having cool and unusual artwork in your place is what sets the average guy from the cool average guy. So find something you like, put a frame around it and hang it on your wall... it's vintage gear for guys!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Here is just a weird thing I picked up a while back.
It's a sports timer from Aristo probably from the mid 60's.

It's just a timer with a "Go Green" and "Stop Red" button.

Winds up just like an alarm clock.

I guess it's to time foot ball and basket ball, but I doubt any professional teams ever used some thing like this. I think it's for more the home game type.

I won't say it's a must have... but if you're into sports its cool... and vintage... and a guy thing...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


After posting my straight razor and sharping stone, I thought I should also show my Razor Strop.
The strop is the final step in keeping your blade razor sharp.

This one is a vintage one, from The Carborundum Company from Niagara Falls New York. It's actually two pieces of leather. One with a built in "grooves" and on as a finish. So you could sharpen your blade with just this strop if your razor is not super dull.
These were usually made of horsehide and have a red finish on them. Most all razor strops are Red.

The old metal holder.

If you're going to try shaving with the straight razor, you need one of these. Plus they're cool Vintage Gear for Guys!