Saturday, September 26, 2009


I guess you can tell I like old phones.
Here's another one of mine. If I remember.. it's a 1958 Western Electric 500 Telephone.

This model replaced the 302 and was the work horse for over 50 years. Of course they put a push button model of it in the 80's, but the style of the phone never changed.

The early models of this phone had a metal black finger ring. Later it was made of plastic.

You have to love the original phone number tag...

These were nice as you can adjust the volume of the ringer... I've said it before, but an Old phone, no matter what year or model is a must for the Vintage Gear Guy...

Friday, September 25, 2009


Here's one of my favorite shirt to wear. A vintage Penny's Towncraft shadow plaid.
Probably from the early mid 1960's. Great orange shadow plaid. Boxy bottom

Loop collar.

classic Pennys tag. It's tough to find vintage shirts that are long enough in the arms. This one just fits.
People know when the shirt you're wearing is vintage as it just doesn't look like todays shirts. It sets you apart from the crowd.

Always have a few vintage shirts in the closet... you never know when you'll want to stand out from the crowd... since you're a vintage gear guy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Thought I'd hit my daily shirts a bit... Today it's my (Pre-WWII Officers shirt)
I say pre-wwii as I believe it's pre Pearl Harbor This shirt came with a matching pair of pants too... both of which fit.

The patch is for the United States Army Hawaiian Department.

This shirt has all the things to look for in a vintage work shirt.

I really love this shirt. It's still a great shirt after 60 years!

The original tag. I'd suggest picking up a few military shirts. It doesn't matter what years they're from

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, I've shown a few knives so I should show what I use to keep them sharp.
These are a few of my Sharpening Stones I have. I try to pick them up if find them. The main one is a modern set probably from the 70's.

A look at the harder "Arkansas" stone. Good for main sharping. I use a lighter stone for the final edge.

Always use honing oil!

The little one is made just for straight razors! A vintage "Swift and Sure"

I nice set of sharpening stones are a must around the house. Use them for knifes, scissors, axes... you name it.. They're must haves for a Vintage Gear Guy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I'm showing my vintage Kitchen Knife.
I picked this up at at garage sale about 10 years ago for a buck I think.

It's one the best knives I own.

wood handle, carbon steel

Not the prettiest knife, but I like it.

Solid metal throughout the handle.

A great set of kitchen knives are a must for any guy. Really nice vintage knives are Vintage Gear for Guys

Monday, September 21, 2009


One thing I love to collect and have quite a collection is vintage paperbacks.
For some reason, they really appeal to me. I bought a box of them about 15 years ago at an auction and have been hooked ever since.
I don't read them, as it would really hurt them. They were not meant to be kept for this long and if you read it, you'll break the spine and it will fall apart. I get them for the cover art and titles.

I just picked a few on my shelf. I'll sprinkle in the good ones here and there though out this blog to give you an idea of how cool they are.

How can you not love that cover and title?

Every guy needs something that he collects to display in his house. Mine happens to be these.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today I'll show my vintage Sears Roebucks "Western" jeans from I believe the 1950's or early 60's.
I've not seen this type of jean elsewhere or copies made... yet...

It has really cool "Western" details like the front pockets the cool "V" back belt tab.

Similar "Roebuck" pocket tag like a Wrangler.

The denim is lighter weight probably about 9 oz.

I love these front pockets! It's a detail you see much in today's denim.

Scovill zipper.

Roebucks "snap" front button.

Stamped "19" no clue... if you know let me know.

inside back pocket where the plastic/rubber pocket tag is.

This is probably my oldest pair of denim pants. wish they were Levis! But this pair actually fits me and is about a size 34x34. Pretty cool that I found them though. So keep your eyes open even or jeans that are not Levi's or Lees... you might find a pair of Sears Roebucks!