Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well this thing just scares me.. It's my Double Duck (Dub L Duck) Dwarf Straight Razor.
At one time I thought I was going to do the whole straight razor shaving thing... My face said otherwise...

This is one of the better vintage razors out there. It's sharp! Frankly I don't know why everyone living before safety razor didn't just have full beards.?

It's nice to have and maybe I'll try again.. but boy, was the first couple of try's tough.

So, it's vintage gear for guys and if you use one, more power to you... for me, I'll stick with my double sided Safety...

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today since it's payday for many... A vintage Alligator Wallet.
I haven't used this one yet and just picked it up. It is vintage, though I'm not in love with it totally. It is Alligator and that I do love.

Alligator use to be the thing back in the 50's but then fell out of fashion and even today, hasn't picked back up again..

It's not the most durable leather, but boy is it pretty...

So if you find one pick it up, they're not easy to find real Alligator anything...

It's more of a dress wallet, but a vintage Alligator wallet is Vintage Gear for Guys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I grew up a poor kid and didn't have much money but wanted an instrument really bad...
So I went to my local music store and could only afford a Harmonica. It was a Honer Marine Band in C and it cost me $14.90. I still have have it although it's badly used, but I learned to play it and continue to play the harmonica today.

This is one of mine, A Honer Blues Harp in C.

Harmonica's are really fun as they don't cost a lot, you can learn to play them fairly easily and they always sound good.

They fit in your pocket and travel well, plus you can play them while walking or sitting.

A harmonica is cool item that you can carry with you. They've been around for a long time and I consider them Vintage Guy Gear. Pick one up today and start playing!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today I'm showing a belt I had made for me about 20 years ago.
I used my dad's old Hippie Double Roller belt which I loved and took it to my local leather place and asked if he could make a copy of it.

I wore this belt all through school and beyond and still wear it today.

There's nothing like a good, good belt. I also love the sound of the double roller, it's like a zippo, as only one thing in the world makes it.

So get yourself a great belt that will last you a lifetime, like this one which still has years and years left... it's vintage gear for guys!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Every guys needs a knife... this is one of mine. A WWII PAL RH 36 Knife.
My grandmother actually bought me this knife at a garage sale about 20 years ago. The leather sheath was badly dry rotted so I made a copy with some leather I had laying around.

The knife has been used pretty hard and is no way a show knife. I use it when I go camping.

It's actually quite a nice knife and extremely well made. Similar to the KBar USMC knife, the handle is different.

A good blade is very useful when outside camping or farm work.

So if you don't have one, think about picking up a knife, they're vintage Gear for Guys!

Monday, September 7, 2009


What goes more with Labor Day, then Blue Jeans? These are my Levi's 1933 501 Jeans from the Levi's Vintage Clothing line.
This is my pre-wash pictures I took yesterday for their first real machine wash. I was able to go the full 6 months before a wash with only a pre-soak when I first got them.

I 'm looking forward to see how they dried...

I can't love these jeans more. I think the 33's are my favorite with the 55's close behind....

I've already put my 47's on here at the beginning of my blog so I guess you can figure out I love denim...
If you don't own jeans then you must buy a pair... even cheap jeans, but if you can afford a pair of real selvedge jeans... get em'!

Now some 1st Wash Pics...
Just sun dried today...

I'm pleased with them.

Nice combs...

Check out that wicked leg twist!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, after a long, long search, I finally found a set of slotted wheels that work for my Bronco.

A while ago, I highlighted my 1970 Bronco and well, I was never in love with the stock steel wheels. So after a long search I finally found a set of slotted rims that work and I think look awesome!

She Looks like a New Old School Bronco now! They're from a 1980 Ford F-150. So not only are they stock Ford and fit like a glove, they look darn cool too...

Here's what she used to look like...

And now with new rims! So even if you own something Vintage, doesn't mean you can upgrade it with more vintage to make it look even better... Slots on a vintage vehicle is vintage gear for guys!