Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I'll highlight my Hat People Newsboy Cap. Some call it other names but I call it a newsboy or just my cap.
Hat People is a great place to have a cap made. They're not bad about $40 buck and you pick the fabric, cut and size. They make it to order.

I own two. One brown and one blue-ish. This one is what they call a Full Cut. Drapes over the sides a bit. It to me looks very 1930 and doesn't look like those ones I see today. No style to those.

This one is brown tweed wool. Not too heavy so I can wear it all year, even in the summer.

That's their tag. The cap looks great when I'm sporting a "rougher" look just don't feel like a fedora. Plus, if I'm going out to place I know might be bad for my fedora I can just stuff this in my back pocket and not worry about it.

Friday, August 21, 2009


For the fifth day of Jacket Week, lets go Leather with my Aero A2 Anniversary Flight Jacket.
I bought this new from Aero Leather in Scotland about 10 years ago. I had it custom made to my size as Aero will do that.
It's made with Jerky Horsehide which was a new thing from Aero back then. Today most high end A2's are made with un-matched leathers to equal what you got back in WWII.

Mine has my name patch and the 77th Fighter Squadron Patch. I wish at the time I had the AAF decal but on but I didn't.

It's labeled a 46 but fits more like a 44. These are really awesome jackets. Very, very comfortable.

Aero stock "Talon" zipper. The Jacket is made pretty original to the original. Not exact, but close. OD stitching too.

I actually sewed the patch on myself.... just like in the field.

Here's a nice shot of some wear. I don't baby this jacket at all. In fact, I'm a little rough with it and holds up like a champ!
An A2 jacket is (if you can afford it) a must for the Vintage Gear Guy. It goes with everything and has no limit on it's fashion sense. It's a classic!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Day four of Jacket Week... This is my Pre-WWII "Army" jacket.
Now I know it's pre-WWII because of that fantastic Fan Tailed Talon Zipper! What a piece of work that is...

This jacket is super well made. A true work of art in thick wool fabric. I found this again, at a thrift store years ago and it fits me to a tee... And I'm a 44 long so it's a rare size too.

It fits like a military jacket should... Trim. I flexes with me, with bi-swing back, side adjusts for the waist and is just a truly amazing jacket. I've never seen another.

The tag is gone so I don't know who made it. It does have these Military buttons on it so I'm assuming it's an early air corp or army jacket.? If anyone know please let me know!

Check out that side adjust strap... Having a jacket that you NEVER see anyone else wear is nice. And a must for the Vintage Gear Guy!...

We've done cloth all week so far so tomorrow will be leather!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Day Three of "Jacket Week"... My Vintage SEARS delivery jacket!
This is my favorite running around town jacket. I picked this up at a thrift store a few years ago. Faded blue work jacket with an awesome Sears patch.

Classic work jacket, probably from the mid-late 60's. Might be early 70's but I'm not sure.

Made by the Edward Hyman Company. If anyone has any info please let me know.

Complete with the vintage Scovill Zipper.

It's a good vintage jacket to wear when I'm dressing up a bit. Looks great with a gray fedora or cap.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Day Two of Jacket week at PoohBang! Today is my fairly rare M-43 WWII Field Jacket
These were made mostly from 1943 through 1949 and used by most all Army troops. (The Year first made...M-43) is how it got it's name. ie: M-41, M-43, M-50, M-51... you get the idea.

Now I say it's rare for two reasons... One it's a size 44 Long! Most guys back then were about a 38. And two, because at one time in it's life, probably during the Korean War, someone sewed a zipper on it. It wasn't until the M-50 that these jackets came with zippers.

I'm not sure what the zipper is from. Could have been another jacket or sleeping bag?

An Army Jacket is just like a jean jacket. It's a must for any True Blooded American Man. Or any guy who wants to look like an true blooded American Man. These must be worn with well worn blue jeans and an old T-shirt. Or go for the whole Military look, of Khakis and a khaki shirt...

So if you're lucky enough to find an M-43 pick it up. If not you can always pick up a M-50, M-51, M-65.... Or pick up a good reproduction.

Monday, August 17, 2009


All this Week is going to be JACKETS!
I'm starting off my Big E, Type 3 Jean Jacket by Levi's.

This is an earlier one, as it has the yellow stitching. I've owned a few but somehow always seemed to keep this one around.

I love the look and feeling you get wearing a Levi's jacket. Reminds me of my dad's...

Obviously, the size had been hand written as the original faded away years ago.

The pale yellow stitching on the faded indigo really compliment each other well. If you don't know all ready, EVERY VINTAGE GUYS NEEDS A DENIM JACKET! It's an absolute Vintage Gear for Guys!

Now check in all week as it's JACKET WEEK on PoohBang.Com!

And feel free to "click" around so I can keep PoohBang going!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Every Guy needs a dog... and this is mine.
Meet Jack. He's my five year old Brittany Spaniel.

Guys and Bird Dogs go together. They've been Gear for Guys since... forever.

And when they say "this dog has a lot of energy"... they mean it!

So I know it's not a vintage stuff like I normally show, but a dog is vintage gear.