Saturday, August 15, 2009


So you have some friends over and you offer to make them espressos... now you can have a fancy machine and press a button... OR you can work a real machine and impress them so much they tell their grandchildren about the time YOU made them espresso.
Okay, so no one is going to tell their grandchildren about the time you made espresso, but why not do it like they use to do it. This is my La Pavoni Espresso Maker that I actually picked up at a garage sale for $15.00!

this one you have to add the water, heat it up in the brass boiler, tap out your coffee..

wait... wait... wait...

pull up the handle, wait more.. then press down the lever for a perfect cup.

It's pretty simple in design, only it's made like a tank.

Chrome brass or steel. No plastic on this baby.

This one is dated 3 76. They haven't changed them since and you can basically buy this model today for close to $600 I think.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Today I'm highlighting something that Every Guy should own. A pair of old school sneakers.
This happen to be my PF Flyers Re-Issue pair in Black. I bought these a few years ago.

I didn't want to follow the Chuck crowd but still wanted this look.

They're much more comfortable than chucks and they're "vintage"

I really don't like the Chucks since they're all made in China now. I would go for a USA pair if I can find them and would really go for a vintage 50-60's pair...

the PF's have some great style to them and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cool canvas sneaker.

They've held up pretty well too. Plus, I always get the "What type of Chucks are those?" And then I tell them they're PF Flyers!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Every guy has to know how to cook. You don't have to be a chef, but you need to know how to cook. And a lot of recipes call for a time limit to bake or sit, or something. So here's my Vintage Westinghouse Kitchen timer.
I bought it for my stove as the timer in it didn't work and cost a bit to have it restored, so I bought this one!

It's pretty simple to use and works great. Plus, it's pretty cool looking too.

Of course you don't have to use it just for cooking... Here it is sitting on my stove (see earlier post)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today I'm showing my great grandfathers Waltham 21 Jewel Pocket watch.
It still works excellent. A pocket watch is a special item that not many people still use.

Since the invention of the wrist watch, these have pretty much gone the way of 8-track players.
This one is a working man's pocket watch. Not overly fancy. Just a work horse that gets the job done.

I haven't really researched this one that much. My grandfather actually gave me this as it was his fathers, so that means a lot to me.

My great grandfathers initials on the back. If you have one keep it and enjoy it. If you're lucky to find an old one, pick it up and use it every once and a while. They're a cool thing for the Vintage Gear Guy to own.

And thanks to everyone who views my daily blog. I get about 50 views a day so that's great! And thanks to those who have clicked my google ads as they help me keep this blog going! If you have any requests to see anything please let me know!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today is an item I really don't use, but it's very cool. It's my grandfather's Cigarette Case that he had made in Germany at the end of the War.
It's a silver case with brass inlay ed map of Germany with the year 1945 and his unit the 23rd Engineers.
He served after the War rebuilding Germany with the Army Corp of Engineers.

The Case is just a really neat souvenir from the war since it belonged to my Grandfather.

I should just buy some Lucky's and put them in there so it's serving a purpose.

I don't smoke but if you do, nothing says .."Hello..." like pulling out a cigarette case to light up.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Thought I'd highlight one of my fountain pens. This was my first vintage fountain pen.
I believe this is a 1942 Sheaffer Tuckaway Pen. It was meant to be "tucked-a-way" in your vest pocket.

It has a unique feature of writing fine with it one way and rolling it over to write a little fatter.

It's a fine pen and I'm lucky it still works as most of these pens dried up inside and many like this one can't be repaired too easily!

If you've never written with a nib fountain pen, then you're missing out. Stop by a nice pen store and ask to write with one... but be careful you might just walk out a brand new one and a few hundred dollars less in your wallet!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today I'm highlighting something I use everyday... my eyeglasses.
This is a vintage pair of Shuron Eyeglasses from around 1940. They're 12k gf but much better than something that's manufactured today. These are the glasses worn pretty much by everyone in the US during the late 30's up to the 50's.

they have excellent details and the curved earpieces that I really love. I had a pair of Windsor's before these (ones that just sit on your nose) but decided to get something "Newer" with nose pads...

Every time I get new lenses the eye guy always asks how much I paid for them since to buy something similar today would cost close to $500.00. I said $15 on ebay...