Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today I'm highlighting my vintage Kangaroo Caddy from 1956.

This is a fun way to store your wallet, watch, rings or loose change while you sleep. You might even remember this is the same Kangaroo with boxing gloves that held Bruce Willis's watch in Pulp Fiction.

I've had two of these, one in gray and one that was brown.

My cat had a accident with it and now it my Kangaroo has glued tail... Ah well...

A guy needs a vintage caddy for his personal gear and what's better than a Kangaroo to hold it all...


Today, I thought I'd highlight my one wash Montgomery Wards "Power House" Denim chore jacket.

I bought this raw but it was so stiff I had to give it a wash. I was also hoping it would shrink a bit more, but it's still a tad too big for me. So I might sell it if anyone is interested....

This jacket is probably from the 1960's but it still has the features of the older 40's-50's Powerhouse jackets, such as the "Union Made" buttons. The tag though is of the modern (1960) power house.

Two big front pockets, one snap chest and on open snap chest. The buttons are almost the coolest thing on this jacket!

I like the length of it as I can wear it with a shirt that's not tucked in. My other denim jackets are more of a trucker/rancher waist and can't hide the tails of a shirt.

These jacket look amazing after a lot of time and use. The fades you can get on these are incredible. This a timeless style that still holds up today. If you want to stand out from the landsend barn jacket crowd, pick up a vintage chore jacket!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


A vintage guy has to look good and taming the mane is part of it. I wanted a really, really great vintage brush and found one... actually I found two!

This is my vintage Kent MC1 brush set. It originally came in a leather case. I assumed it was owned by military guy and these probably date to the 1940's. Wood handles with Boar bristles.

It might sound weird but using both brushes at once is really a great feeling, much better and different than a single brush.

Kent has been making brushes since 1777 and still make them today. If you can't find a vintage one, pick up a new one as they really haven't changed that much and I would consider them Vintage Gear for Guys!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today I'll highlight one of my many belts. Finding a good belt it hard. Wearing it is easy, especially when it goes with so much.

This is my WWII Army Garrison Belt. Thick heavy leather with a chrome brass "Garrison" buckle. The rich reddish tones go great with my Alden 405's.

Goes great with your levi's or dress pants.

Don't pick up a Gap belt that will fall apart in a few years... keep your eyes open for a belt that will last you a lifetime.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


First a thank you for following my blog of Gear for Guys. If you have something you'd like me to highlight drop me a line as I probably have it...

Every guy needs a clean shaven face from time to time so today's highlight is my personal razor.

I got tired of the ridiculousness of the amount of blades they put on razors these days and price they charge for them. I was spending upwards of $20.00 for a five pack of blades! So I went vintage.

And here is an excellent example of a functional, cheap to use razor. The Gillette Adjustable Safety razor. Double sided so you can actually shave longer before you have to wash it clean.

It's Adjustable for the blade flexes from 0-9 depending on the thickness of your beard. It's all stainless steel so no plastic parts to break or metal to rust.

Plus it just looks like a razor a Guy should own. I use the whole brush and mug but that's for a later blog.

And now the best part. I bought this in it's original case for around $15 bucks and bought a box of 250 double sided blades for about $50.00 bucks. I use a blade a week. So I do the math on that one! I'm good for five years!

Other models are out there, but for me this one does the trick great. It's vintage, it's cool and it saves me money!


Today I'd like to highlight my pride and joy in footwear. My vintage Florsheim Imperial Longwings. Complete with the coveted metal V-Cleat heel.

These are probably from the late 50's or early 60's. Fantastic pebble-grain leather with leather soles and heel, nailed and they have the 5 nails in the arch! (the sign of the best shoes of the era)
Florsheim's don't have a much of a reputation today, but 50 years ago... they were the best American shoes equal with Nettleton's.

One thing about having the V-Cleat is, they are very slippery on smooth surfaces like marble or cement, so walk easy.

The Shoes are very comfortable and my feet are not tired after a long day. You can sometimes find later models still unworn on the bay but they go for a hefty sum.

So if you can, pick up a pair of wingtips as they go with everything from your finest suit to your pair of vintage denim... You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So you've got the clothes, the hat, the shoes... now to complete it all... a pair of Vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers.

These are my second pair of Wayfarers as I accidently sat on my other pair cracking the ear piece. Turns out you can't just buy a new one for a Vintage pair... These are the Tortoise Shell, real glass lens with the 7 barrel hinge. Made probably in the mid 1950's. My other pair was just like it.

I like the Tortoise better than black for the same reason I like my boots brown instead of black.
I also like that the vintage pairs don't say Ray Ban on the sides. I don't like wearing Labels, and with the vintage pair you get the quality of Ray Ban's but with out all the "Look What I Paid For!" on my face.
These are great for summer and winter time. Very comfortable and the classic look goes with just about everything I have. I also have a pair of Aviators from the early 90's I wear along with a pair of Oakley's... But given the choice I'll go for my Wayfarers every time.


Every guy needs a watch and I have two. One is my everyday watch, a Seiko Divers 200 which I'll post later in the year and my other is my dress watch.

A 1952 Omega Seamaster Automatic with Date at the 6.

This watch was purchased new by my Grandfather in Switzerland in 1952.

It's a Bumper wind Seamaster with what I've found out is a rare date window at the 6 position. The watch did not come with it's original band and I have a replacement on it right now. I'd like to buy a real Alligator band, but they're fairly pricey so I think I'll make one for it.

It's a gold filled watch with the original omega crown. I had this watch serviced about 7 years ago and it still runs excellent. It also still glows which is a little scary since it's over 50 years old.....

So a guy needs a great watch, cause if you're wearing a suit and you point and someone sees your Casio, well, that just won't do.