Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today's item is in the gear section of what a guy should have. Mine is an unknown wood Cigar Humidor. Now I stopped smoking cigars a few years ago, I only had maybe 4 a year, but it's the art of storing cigars that I like. You never know when a friend is coming over and you can offer a cigar... that's fresh and aged to perfection....

This cigar humidor is just the right size to store about 50 cigars and not take over a room in size.
It has a tray for your favorites on top and storage on the bottom for your "cabinet" selection...

When I did buy cigars I always went with HUpmann as they were my favorites. I also have others that I bought since not everyone likes the mild Upmanns like I do.

A small cigar Humidor is not a must have, but it is nice to have around for friends and family that would enjoy a fresh cigar... because you never know when some might get married or need a cigar to celebrate something!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Every guy, not matter what their age or occupation needs a pair of Engineer boots. I wasn't happy with what was currently being sold and wanted a pair of 50's looking boots that Brando or Dean would have worn.

So I check out Wesco Boots and found that I could custom order a pair. These are cut to my foot (you get a tracing paper and send it in) and pick your leather, sole and hardware.

I went with a brown with the lowest heel they offered at the time. Brass hardware top and bottom.

I actually just sent these in to be stretched out a little and the Wesco Factory did a fantastic job and it was all covered since I ordered these from them!

The only thing I wish I did to them was get them a tad shorter to mimic the 1950's boots, but that wasn't an option when I ordered these 4 years ago. Now it is and I can send them and have them shortened.

I really love these boots as I don't see others wearing them, they're custom made just for me and they look cool as hell on.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


(New Update on this Bag)

For as long as I can remember I wanted a nice leather briefcase. Not the type that stuffy business men carry, but the type that Bogart would carry. Drawn to the past for inspiration I never found what I was looking for until I found Tusting Leather. I've owned this bag for about four years and carried it every work day. It's from Tusting of England and the model is called Melchbourne. It's perfect for me as it carries all my stuff (including a mac book) and not only looks fantastic but is small enough to stash under my desk.

I get compliments all the time carrying my Tusting. Every guy needs a fine briefcase and Tusting makes a pretty nice one. I don't baby my bag at all. I do oil it about once a year. I would imagine that in another 5 years the leather is going to look perfect. It's naturally "oily" leather as in if you scratch it you can rub the scratch and it pretty much goes away... great if it rains alot...

Buy it here...  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1947 LEVI'S 501 JEANS

Every guys needs jeans. And not some mall fashion jean, although there are some nice ones out there. Today I'm featuring a pair from my denim collection.

1947 Levi's 501. I bought these raw way back in I guess 2001. Tag says they're from spring 01.

555 top button size 38x38. The leather tag is gone. I started wearing these before I got religous about washing and soaking and all that stuff that real raw selvedge denim makes you do.

Not a lot of fades as these were machined washed quite a bit at first. Check out the leg twists.... I own two pairs of the 47's, 2 pairs of the 55's, and one pair each of the 37's, 33's. Since I started jogging they're a tad loose now and I fear I must buy a new smaller pair....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This has to be my favorite Summer Fedora I own. I found this at a thrift shop. It's made by Sears. Probably late 50's early 60's. It cost a $1.75 new. I paid twice that at least! It's an awesome yellow picot (Curry) with a green striped black ribbon band. Looks great with a t-shirt or collared shirt. If I'm not wearing a cap, I'm wearing this hat or my Cavanagh Panama... but that's for another day....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hush Puppies

Today I'll focus on my vintage Hush Puppies! Slate Blue Suede Shoes... Found these also on the bay still with most of the original box. Looks never to have been worn. I love these shoes as they scream, "Ssshhhh!"

I assume these are from the early 70's, but I might be wrong. Wolverine owned Hush Puppies at the time or so the box says. Anyone know?

These are a must for the guy who want's that 60's early 70's College look. Goes with Rock-a-billy too. Wear em' with some Wayfarer's and you can't go wrong...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Californian Horsehide Jacket

Well I'll first start with a few items I already have some photos for.
This is my personal 1940's Californian Brand Horsehide jacket.

I actually got this on the bay for a pretty good buy if I remember. It's made by Californian in Los Angeles. All original. Blackened Talon zipper, original lining in okay shape and the leather was a tad dried out. I let it sit for a day with Pacards Antique conditioner and it really brought back the burgundy color of the original. I really like this jacket. Size 46 and for me, it probably could be a tad tighter as I like to wear my vintage as it was worn when new.
Well Hello and welcome to my first blog. In this blog I will try to shed a little light onto some interesting and what I think are cool things I've collected throughout my life.

Each day I will try to spotlight one item I own and give it's history, use and whatever else I can remember about. Some items I use daily, others are just to look at. Some are new. Some are old and some are in between. I'm a vintage guy and own and wear a lot of vintage items.

So check each day for something new. Some items I might even put up for sale but I doubt it as there was a reason I bought or picked it up in the first place.

Oh, and the name, "PoohBang." In a future post I'll explain that too, if you don't already know.