Friday, December 11, 2009


One thing I've had trouble with is finding vintage shirts that fit me... so I bucked up and bought a vintage shirt pattern and made one myself.
It's got many flaws, but it's my first shirt I've ever made and it actually turned out better than I thought. I learned a lot making it and plan on making a work shirt this weekend. I don't like the collar as much as I thought I would so I won't make this shirt again.

The fabric I picked up at a thrift store so it's vintage, the thread was vintage, and the buttons are some I found... yes, also vintage... Sewn on my White Rotary machine from the late 1920's...

Here's the pattern I used. I had to lengthen the arms about 2 inches and the fit is spot on... So if you can't find what you're looking for... maybe try making it to be that vintage gear guy!


  1. Pretty good for a first attempt. May I suggest the next time keep the iron hot and ready. What really makes home-sewn garments look good is pressing each piece as you go. Press the collar after you trim the corners and clip where necessary. Those little steps make things lie flat and also some topstitching on cuffs and collars helps too. I am going to be putting some vintage men's patterns on my Etsy site soon and will send you a link.

  2. Thank you Marilyn!

    Yes, please send me your link... I know the pattern said to iron but I wanted to make a shirt .. not iron.

    I shouldn't have chosen a loose wool as my first attempt... it crazy to work with.... always fraying...

  3. I have a few men's patterns up now. Don't know what size you need, but good luck.


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