Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today, it's my vintage Office Chair.
I refinished this one a few years ago. I stripped what was left of the finish and reupholstered the seat (originally horsehair) with a nice piece of horsehide.

It turned out pretty well too. The main spring was broken and since they don't make them anymore I had to use a modern spring, but it's not quite the same.

The tiger wood is really fantastic on the chair. I found written in pencil on the bottom that the chair was reupholstered in 1945. So I assume this chair is from the 30's.

How the they used to work.

Real honest to goodness wear on that leg... These are cool chairs if you can find them. They don't pop up all the time so if you see one and you can afford it... get it.


  1. This is very environment-friendly. And not only that it offers the kind of authentic look, it is also sturdy and appears like it can still endure the test of time now that it has been refurbished.

    Pre-owned Office Furniture

    1. Give the "environment-friendly" thing a break already, would you? This is not why somebody buys or owns an antique piece of furniture...good grief!

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