Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today, it's my other pair of Alden 405's these are custom boots from LeatherSoulHawaii.
These are made by Alden and made just like the standard 405's only these are called the Ultimate Indy's.

They have a commando sole, full leather lined, darker brown leather, waxed laces and made a bit better than the standard 405.

I actually won these at in January in a photo contest! I've never won anything so fantastic...

The boots have a very familiar feel and yet a more comfortable feel than the standard 405.

I think the sole has a lot to do with it.

They're really breaking in nicely. I try to give them a nice rotation with my other footwear.

What's left of the inside writing. If you can afford these, buy these... you'll be very, very happy!


  1. Hey HH, I have a pair of these and they are without a doubt the most comfortable Aldens I own, the leather lining makes an enourmous difference in comparison to the standard 405's. I was a little unsure when I first recieved them but soon as the ageing process starts they look SWEET! As indeed do yours.
    Cheers, Cobblers

  2. Great stuff, and glad I found your blog! I wore my Alden 405s today. ;-)

  3. I'll have an update on these coming up... I find myself switching back and forth with my regular 405's ... I almost wish I only had one pair!.... almost!


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