Monday, November 2, 2009


Today it's my 1947 Pirate Ball Cap by Cooperstown ball caps.
I've been wanting a ball cap for while, but of course I wanted it vintage.... I wanted the closest thing to a 1940's cap I could find.. this is it.

Here's a fit pic (excuse the red eye) It's lower to the head and has little starch.

100% wool and not a blend like a lot of the modern caps.

Leather sweat band too. A big plus on buying it!

A good ball cap is a great item to have in your collection.. They make a pretty good one. Only bad thing to say is they left something under the fabric when they sewed the cap part and I feel it every time I adjust my cap... but for what you get I can live with it.... Tell Pooh sent ya, if you order one!

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