Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So today, I'm showing an 8mm film camera I own.
Its a nice example of a Minolta Autopak-8

It has about everything you'd want on a 8mm film camera.

Multi speeds

built in zoom

such a lovely case... just kidding.

Zoom speed on the lens

if you're into film this is a nice camera. Not the best, but it will do the job.

making films with real film is fun and challenging. It's what a vintage gear guy would do on a weekend with some friends.

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  1. Nice camera. I like that you can cock the handgrip (no homo), and the lens is pretty fast at 1.8f. Mine doesn't have the retractable grip, which is annoying.

    You should make a Super 8 movie about beating people with the black jack from your last post.


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