Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today I'll show my vintage Sears Roebucks "Western" jeans from I believe the 1950's or early 60's.
I've not seen this type of jean elsewhere or copies made... yet...

It has really cool "Western" details like the front pockets the cool "V" back belt tab.

Similar "Roebuck" pocket tag like a Wrangler.

The denim is lighter weight probably about 9 oz.

I love these front pockets! It's a detail you see much in today's denim.

Scovill zipper.

Roebucks "snap" front button.

Stamped "19" no clue... if you know let me know.

inside back pocket where the plastic/rubber pocket tag is.

This is probably my oldest pair of denim pants. wish they were Levis! But this pair actually fits me and is about a size 34x34. Pretty cool that I found them though. So keep your eyes open even or jeans that are not Levi's or Lees... you might find a pair of Sears Roebucks!


  1. The high-backed waistband and curved-cut pockets make these appear to be almost cut on a mid-nineteenth century pattern for men's trousers. Very nice.

  2. i was wondering how would one tell what year a Sears Roebuck would be i have two brand new with tags i can tell there old but not sure how to tell just how old.. any help would be nice .. on the tag it says d 41 m4 9101 405 made in usa
    and on the pants it self it says d 41 m4 9101 19 d 41 405 100% cotton


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