Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today, I'll show my Kitchen Clock. It's a vintage General Electric model. Not sure of the date, but I'd say late 50's.
Runs like a champ. It got a tad noisy as most of these do as the old motors need oiled. Now there are bunch of ways to do it, and I chose the tough way, but the best as it doesn't drill into the motor. Now it's all oiled up and runs without ANY noise!
There are hundreds of styles of vintage kitchen clocks. Some cool looking, others make you wonder, but they're all great. Find one running or not, as you can get it running pretty easy.

They're must haves for Vintage Guys!

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  1. Unsure whether you're selling this clock. If so, please let me know dimensions and price. I'm looking for a quiet clock. The battery-operated ones I've come across are not! Thanks.


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