Friday, August 7, 2009


As I've said, I've got a thing for old radios.. This is my Holly Grail, a 1938 12 Tube Zenith.
All original. I actually got this radio free because the owner said it didn't work and was storing it in a warehouse where I was working. I fell in love with it and he said I can take it home.

I took out all the tubes and cleaned them put them back and it worked! This Zenith has a feature where there are actually 3 dial that you can see, one for broadcast, Foreign, and Police Band.
Check out that real wood dial with a "Z"... when you bought a Zenith, you bought quality!

They also have all the major radio stations printed on the dial... current as of 1937.
If you can find one, pick it up by all means. They're easy to fix and look great in any corner!

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