Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Day Two of Jacket week at PoohBang! Today is my fairly rare M-43 WWII Field Jacket
These were made mostly from 1943 through 1949 and used by most all Army troops. (The Year first made...M-43) is how it got it's name. ie: M-41, M-43, M-50, M-51... you get the idea.

Now I say it's rare for two reasons... One it's a size 44 Long! Most guys back then were about a 38. And two, because at one time in it's life, probably during the Korean War, someone sewed a zipper on it. It wasn't until the M-50 that these jackets came with zippers.

I'm not sure what the zipper is from. Could have been another jacket or sleeping bag?

An Army Jacket is just like a jean jacket. It's a must for any True Blooded American Man. Or any guy who wants to look like an true blooded American Man. These must be worn with well worn blue jeans and an old T-shirt. Or go for the whole Military look, of Khakis and a khaki shirt...

So if you're lucky enough to find an M-43 pick it up. If not you can always pick up a M-50, M-51, M-65.... Or pick up a good reproduction.

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