Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here's an item that I really don't use, but had to have. A vintage Smoking Stand.

These were pretty common in most households as pretty much everyone smoked in the 30-60's. This one is typical of the era. Chrome metal with a table with a ashtrays, a lighter and a cigarette holder.

Many of them had a light feature in them. This one is at the bottom and is actually plastic that looks like marbled glass. The non-lighted area above it is glass. In a dark room the light is very comforting, like a place you've always known.

I disconnected the lighter portion which really was just another plug for the wall! It worked just like a cigar lighter in your car. The metal top has seen better days, but I still really like it.

This one has two ashtrays that swivel so your ashes fall into a box underneath, a cigarette holder that probably holds 100 or so and the lighter.

that's where you put your cigarettes.

and a close up of the glass marble lighter. Not a must for the Vintage guy, but definitely a piece that says, you are a Vintage Gear Guy!


  1. i have a that is simular it lights up on the top and bottom purchased in t 1957 by my mother. What is something like this worth?

  2. Are you by chase selling this?

  3. Hadn't planned on selling it, but I guess you never know....


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