Monday, August 24, 2009

SILVERTONE RADIO model 9000 1949

Today, I'm highlighting another one of my radios. This time a Silvertone Radio by Sears. Model 9000 from around 1949.
It looks like bakelite but I believe it's plastic. It's a small desktop radio that is just the perfect look and feel of a vintage tabletop.

Soft lines and an easy to use dial. These are easy to keep as they don't take up much room and just look so great. I wish they made things like this again. It's just classic.

All tubes. Turn it on, wait for it to warm up and you've got radio! Unfortunately, AM radio is not much these days so the fun of having them is more of looks than function.

But pick one up if you can. They're a piece of history. When TV didn't exist. When Radio was king... a perfect accessory for the Vintage Guy.

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