Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today since it's Sunday, I thought a pipe might be a good choice. This is one of my many pipes...
It's a vintage Savinelli Silver briar pipe. It even came with it's original box and bag.

I haven't smoked a pipe in quite a while but I still like to have it around. Pipes are just comforting. They're calming and usually always smell good.

Savinelli is one the top makers of pipes and this one is from their Silver line, which actually has a sterling silver band between the wood and stem. If you notice the stem is not black, that is because I boiled it to clean it when I got it. I wish I didn't do that, as it discolored it, but I still love this pipe. It's my favorite.

check out that grain in this pipe. The straighter up and down the better as it allows the heat to go away leaving cool smoke.

Pipes are a classic item for the Vintage Gear Guy. Go around with your pipe and a fedora on your head and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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