Thursday, August 20, 2009


Day four of Jacket Week... This is my Pre-WWII "Army" jacket.
Now I know it's pre-WWII because of that fantastic Fan Tailed Talon Zipper! What a piece of work that is...

This jacket is super well made. A true work of art in thick wool fabric. I found this again, at a thrift store years ago and it fits me to a tee... And I'm a 44 long so it's a rare size too.

It fits like a military jacket should... Trim. I flexes with me, with bi-swing back, side adjusts for the waist and is just a truly amazing jacket. I've never seen another.

The tag is gone so I don't know who made it. It does have these Military buttons on it so I'm assuming it's an early air corp or army jacket.? If anyone know please let me know!

Check out that side adjust strap... Having a jacket that you NEVER see anyone else wear is nice. And a must for the Vintage Gear Guy!...

We've done cloth all week so far so tomorrow will be leather!

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