Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today I'm showing my great grandfathers Waltham 21 Jewel Pocket watch.
It still works excellent. A pocket watch is a special item that not many people still use.

Since the invention of the wrist watch, these have pretty much gone the way of 8-track players.
This one is a working man's pocket watch. Not overly fancy. Just a work horse that gets the job done.

I haven't really researched this one that much. My grandfather actually gave me this as it was his fathers, so that means a lot to me.

My great grandfathers initials on the back. If you have one keep it and enjoy it. If you're lucky to find an old one, pick it up and use it every once and a while. They're a cool thing for the Vintage Gear Guy to own.

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  2. My grandfather had a silver pocket watch...beautifully designed, masterfully crafted. When I was younger, I was always furiously search my grandfather's watch. I just loved that...but lost...:(

  3. A beautiful pocket watch. I love pocket watches and I think that they deserve to be worn more often.


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